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Cleanup 2020 continues. I'm rearranging everything on "my side" of the studio while Jay unburies his workbench. I've posted to pottery friends for organization suggestions because our amazing assortment of tools has outgrown my portable toolkit. I'm rediscovering some incredible items during cleanup, and I suppose it's suitable that our kilns and reference material are only slightly younger than we are. I'm also amazed at how much we have crammed into this 22' x 12' space. When there's a will (home studio!!), there's been a way. I'm extra impressed that there are six tables jammed in here now that everything is cleared off and we're attempting to move things so they suit our busier workflow. How is this many tables even possible? Maybe this is a creative tardis..?.Tomorrow, we add… drawers? Shelving? A tool storage solution. Whatever that looks like. A magical trunk, perhaps. We'll see. #homestudio #ceramics #potterystudio #ceramicstudio #2020purge #organize #WhatTheHellAreWeDoing

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