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What's on your 20 for 2020 to-do list? I made a list "101 Things To Do in 1001 Days" a decade ago. The timeline was long but also very achievable to plan for more complex items. I threw crazy things on the list, and a strange thing happened. They started to become reality. I started to make them happen. When friends mentioned embarking on an epic road trip, I voted for Yellowknife because visiting the North West Territories was on my List. We did it. I learned to knit because of that list. I read award winning books, swam more often, saw live music, strengthened relationships, tried online friend making, visited Banff, but also bought all new underwear, sheets, and tried a pedicure. I threw all sorts of things on the list and then watched myself manifest.Today, I'm looking for a smaller list of 20 things for 365 days. What's on your list? #HopeIsNotAStrategy #20in2020

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