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D i s t r a c t e d // throwback to throwing while distracted. Jason and our friend and neighbour, Tony, were in studio as I made the forms for the kitchener mugs. Our meandering conversation danced from the upcoming January 2020 ACAD market (we would have 9 days to prep. Ceramics needs weeks, not days), then to the resurgence of vinyl (enthusiast @lyleaspinall received a shout out). We argued about the existence of a comic book store on Southland and MacLeod Trail in #yyc. Hot flashes in men with empathy for women after a bout of medication side effects, and our suspected senility with not a good memory among us on this sunny day rounded out the convo. I was more focused on the chat than the pot, and I acquired a wobble due to my lack of focus. I should know better, but I enjoy companionship in the studio, and your mug will sometimes show the evidence.?Happy 2020! May you have the companionship you want, the laughter you need, and the good health we all desire.#ceramics #wheelthrown #wheelthrowingvideo #plainsmanclay

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