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Babies waiting for some clear coat and then into the kiln. They'll emerge bright teal, dark purple, and blue after the magic happens. MAGIC!Glazing is still the scariest part of this process for me because it is an exercise in experimentation, luck, science, and trust. This batch of mugs, I am relatively secure with how these glazes interact at the temperature that we fire to (1200C/2200F) but we still have regions of the kiln that might be hotter or cooler by 50-100 degrees, which will change the resulting colour. If we apply the glaze slightly thinner or thicker, it affects the end product as well and how the glaze breaks, how it feels, how it picks up underlying texture, and the colour tone. And when we mix new batches, we'd better be sure we have the right specific gravity so that it applies correctly or we may end up with a kiln-load of destroyed pots. This balancing trick is why you might see a ceramic artist hold up an piece of their own pottery and admire the glaze because the magic and luck mixed with glaze-mixing skill is an intriguing art in itself that keeps us chasing perfect results. #glaze #canadianceramics #plainsman #wheelthrown #underglaze #howiamaco #ceramics

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