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A little louder for the people in the back.?Kindness and activism are not mutually exclusive. But I will stop smiling and ask you to step back to ponder for a hot minute if you do harm, even if you "don't mean to", you "don't think it's a big deal", or you think I'm taking things "too seriously". My love and kindness mean I want you to understand why unintentional harm is still harm, that harm is a big deal to others even if it isn't (lucky you) to you, and even if you grow weary of the seriousness of the discussion because you're also lucky enough to turn away. We can be kind. And we can burn these nasty systems of thought and action to the ground too. It's gonna take some work and some deep introspection. I have faith in us.?#knittersofinstagram #lovethyneighbour #workingtoseethechangeReposted from @theconsciouskid (@get_regrann) – “The [phone] messages, said Cynthia E. Kernick, a lawyer for Mr. Rogers, ''are of racism, white supremacy and bigotry – the antithesis of everything Rogers stands for.'' —1990 NYTimes Article..Tweet: @JRobb773..[image description: Tweet from Julia Gulia (@JRobb773) that reads: “Mr. Rogers, King of Kindness, sued the KKK for using imitations of his voice in racist telephone calls. You can be kind and fiercely defend your neighbors from harm.” In plain black text on a white background]#Kindness #WhiteSupremacy #MrRodgers #MrRodgersNeighborhood #AntiRacist #Ally #Coconspirator – #regrann

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