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We've been climbing uphill since the early spring since just before my surgery and as I'm still recovering, we have been in less than top shape for production. When we looked up last week, there was a larger mountain than we knew we could go alone. @cotton.cassie pitched in right away by coming by and providing her upbeat optimism and muscle.We called mentors and friends for wise words about overcoming this type of hurdle (@conniepike and @the_pott_lady among others) although I think my call to Rylee was mostly panicked rambling. She and more potters came to our rescue with real solutions – thank you so much also to @gmitchellceramics @ipotlisa and Mike & Sara at Ceramics Canada for your amazing generosity. My heart was pretty darned full this week – we are so lucky to be part of this community. The awesomest impressive part is RIGHT NOW there is a borrowed slab roller in our studio for the weekend!!How have we lived this long without one? I whispered sweet nothings to her before I tucked her into bed last night. She's beautiful. It is amazing gadget – it's saving Jay's back and is saving my sanity. It squish squish squishes 45lbs of clay in record time. It's now "on the list" to save for to add to the studio. So grateful. #ceramicscanadayyc#AlbertaMade #albertapotters#canadianceramics #slabroller #pottery #yycarts #yycpottery #yycceramics

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