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Hi! I’m Cara. Here’s me, pictured with one of the loves of my life. Being a mom is pretty amazing, and one of the best jobs I’ve ever been graced with. I have signed up for #Fibreshare for the first time, and they’ve asked us to share bits about ourselves. I knit, crochet, and weave and the support of my fibre community is something that I adore. Fibre peeps are some of the best peeps! 1. I love my family and community. I spend so much time with “my boys”, and volunteer quite a bit in organizations I care about, and/or that support my family. It’s a way of life to try to always be The Helper (thanks Mr Rogers) 2. I love pottery / ceramics. I started in 2002 and haven’t stopped. I have started mixing glazes and experimenting more. We have a kiln and wheel in our home studio. It has connected me to many of my close friends and mentors. Plus it’s great to smash clay after a rough day. 3. Art is life. Creativity is life. My mom taught me to seek love and solace and beauty in all that is the arts. It brings light to our life. This zentangle drawing is a recent (Sunday) work completed by my son and I.4. (No photo) Tech is life. My day job is in IT and I love to challenge my mind. If Excel was a human, I’d want to get married. I really like process, SDLC, and making things from nothing. Nerd girls rule Are you participating in FibreShare? #fsasks

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