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National Indigenous Peopls Day this year passed without us at celebrations since I'm still recovering from surgery, so I'm in remembrance and celebration while working on my moccasin project. This project had been sitting on the back burner: I has sewed the vamp (the top of the foot) before beading, so paused to do the beadwork on both vamps while it's easier to manipulate the leather before continuing. BUT I'm stuck trying to find a beadwork pattern that reflects my origins within Treaty 4 and my own cultural background as well. Any suggestions? What says "grew up alongside Cree but German from Russia plus British Saskatchewanian girl plus I like turquoise and orange"? . On another note, National Indigenous Day was a fitting weekend for Ravelry @hi.ravelry to ban white supremacist speech from their platform and I applaud their stand: targeting people for the colour of their skin should not be tolerated. The platform took a similar stand years ago by flying a digital rainbow flag during June, Pride month, to honour those that fought at Stonewall and to show support for human rights. It's a simple rule that I'm happy to see enacted: Don't Be A Dick. So let us go forward and amplify those with less power, act for those that cannot, and work together to keep us all safe. (And may I finally finish these moccasins before next NIPD!) #dontbeadick #nationalindigenouspeoplesday #mocassins #beading #leather #justice

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