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One thing that has always intrigued me is my son’s taste in art, and want to use his money to buy art. He has always spent his money on art more than I believe most children do, possibly because he is brought to more art and craft shows and market than his friends, so he simply may have more opportunities. Nevertheless, he knows what he likes. This beauty of a mug from @the_pott_lady caught his eye today at the APA Sale, and he eagerly spent his pennies on the golden tree. It currently sits on his desk, in use, next to a small turtle print that he fell in love with while on vacation. His collection of handmade items grows as he does, and I love that he knows their true worth. (I got a mug from Rylee too. My kid has good taste!) #buylocal #buyhandmade #art #canadianceramics #AlbertaPotters #AlbertaMade #makerlife

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