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Did you miss out on the knitted ribbed or cable mugs? DM me to be put on our contact list when the next batch is out of the kiln in May!

Reposted from @blackrosestitches – Today was a fantastic day, I didn’t buy much yarn at the @fibreshindig but I did get to meet some of my instagram friends and I snagged this awesome mug from @chasingfirestudio ..#fibreshindig #shoplocalyyc

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NOTE: If you’d like to be the first to know when our next mugs are ready in early May, you can fill out this Google Form with details about which mug style you like, the glaze colour, with your contact info. Your info is used for this purpose only.

Each mug is created by hand, then fired, hand glazed, then fired again. It’s a looong process that is dependent on weather for clay drying, and each kiln firing is approximately 24 hours. We are hoping to have our next batch of cabled and kitchener mugs complete for the beginning of May 2019. Please sign up (if you haven’t contacted us otherwise) to be contacted first once they are ready.
We will also have a batch ready for the Edmonton Fibre Frolic on May 24, 2019!