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This sweet owl progress keeper has spent its time tracking the knitting on these that I've dubbed "The Goodbye Socks". These socks have taken a long time to complete. I started them the day my Grandmother and I last spoke, as she interrogated me about my happiness, my son and husband's happiness as she gasped for breath. She has always been obsessed with my level of joy, as if she had a magical power to lift my worries and I suppose that in many ways, she did. "Everything will be okay", and she's always been right. I knit these socks as I waited in hospital for her body to finally rest. I knit as I remembered the endless pats on my hand during hard times and good times, the words of encouragement, the laughter we shared. I knit as we approached the city to meet with her descendants to celebrate her life. I'll finally finish these socks today just before we place her urn to join the remains of her beloved husband. These socks sparkle like her smile, dance with colour like she did, and the darkness haunts like the hole her absence leaves in my heart. I'm lucky to have had her. I know how I lucky I am. But I miss her so much. #Love #ItsPreciousBecauseItHasToEnd #Rose #Mentor #BrokenHeartyarn by @seaturtlefiberarts owl progress keeper by @redfoxfibrescanada

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