from the studio:

Scales everywhere!

Fibre Shindig is in less than 2 weeks (April 21 at Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre) and we’re building and glazing in preparation for this amazing show. This is our 5th? Year at Shindig and it’s always so fun. The vendors and customers make it a great day.

This means we’d better have things to make them happy, so the fun continues making these new mermaid bowls.

I cut some slits in perfectly good pots for more yarn bowls and we have some new glazes for these babies. I can’t wait to show them off once they come out of the glaze kiln next week.

Our Studio Helper Jill has moved on to work and adventure all across the country so we also have a young potter joining us this week! Miss Cassie is entering ACAD in the fall and she will have the best slab rolling skills in her class if we have anything to say about it. She makes beautiful pieces and also laughs at our corny jokes so it’s a great match. We appreciate her help, especially as Shindig and Edmonton Fibre Frolic approach.

I’ll be back when the glaze kiln opens!