I’m just back from the Barn Bazaar: Christmas with a Conscience market. Well, not “just” back – I’ve had a snuggle with my little guy, a wonderful meal with my husband and a beverage to sip on with my feet up before coming to tell you all about my afternoon at the market.

My day was great. Really great. The morning was spent with a coffee and packing paper,  securing all my pretties, wondering if they’d be coming home again. I love everything I sell, I really do. I have to repeat to myself “I can make more” and although that’s not entirely true because each piece is beautiful at the whim of the Kiln Gods, I know it’s right to let go. I could very well end up as a ceramics hoarder if not for watching people fall in love with what I make. So many times today, someone would come by and touch a piece with that special smile, then wander off, only to return later to make it their own. Even better is the instant, and often loud, joy as someone spots a set of buttons or mug and squeals with delight. That reaction makes my heart soar.

It’s easy to love being an artist when there’s events like the Barn Bazaar. Heart warming, laughter having, smile sharing, friend meeting great with fair trade and local artisans that really love what they do. I was able to meet most of the vendors and eyes would flare with excitement when they talked about their wares.  My amazing friend Lori came with me for support and I’m grateful that she was there because the sale was quite steady even before the doors officially opened. As people came by, I was overwhelmed with how lovely and friendly each person was. I even found a few other button fanatics! Most of the mugs I brought along found their way to new loving homes, (one went to the giant-hearted lady of Sowers of Jireh) as did the wee bowls, and more pendants, buttons and bookmarks to count.

I was lucky to be next to the wonderful scents of Sweet Cheeks Skin Care – yes, I did score myself some chocolate goat’s milk soap!

I’m very hopeful that I’ll be invited back next year. I had so much fun and it was uplifting to meet people that put the priority on spending their money with fair trade and local artisans.

For now, I’m going to head to bed to dream of laughing with the new friends at the Barn.


Note: The Etsy Shop is OPEN.  I’ll be photographing and listing new items starting Dec 17 including pendants, bookmarks, large centerpiece buttons and some luscious cufflinks for my Dec 21 Solstice / Apocalypse sale. Use coupon code ApocalypseNow for 15% off your order this week.