In today’s clay adventures, I plan to include:

– sheep sculpting

– spindle doohickey making

– ladybug pendants (actually bugs bugs bugs on everything)

– an attempt at nested bowls

Or, with the severe thunderstorm that just settled in, I may be abandoning the clay table to convince the dog and toddler that thunder is COOL and not scary. They currently disagree with me.

It may be time to reserve a day to work in clay from morning until night because I have not created much since the last big kiln fire. Why is the summer a less productive time? Is this the same for all ceramic artists? The weather is lovely but the activities (camping, weddings, festivals) take over all our family’s spare time, days flying by with no scultpures, bowls, buttons, mugs or pendants to show for it. I will take a stand – this summer will be different! I have big plans for mug sets and nesting bowls and in order to get them done, I’m going to need to actually book dedicated clay days in my calendar so that my time can remain loyal to my passion.

I’m off to calm the weeping masses that are calling my name (or whining – poor dog is upset that the young boy is upset) and hopefully, get muddy.