Based on the patterns coming out of the kiln, I must have caught spring fever early this year. Leaves, dragonflies, flowers, birds… I can see exactly where my mind was at during the creation process. Here’s a few samples of my latest little gems to show you:

A subtle bird that pooled the glaze just right. At first glance, it’s a large brown oval and then when the light hits, the bird indentation catches your eye:

Frost blue flowers that would be perfect on a wee cardigan (in itself, a spring concept):

This larger triangle dual-tone green button was a glaze tester because really, I’m still in search of a crystallizing green that can also highlight detail. This is a definite success. The little swirl detail reminds me of the seedlings that are on their way:


Next up, I present a couple of multicoloured buttons because I just have to share that everything has a purpose.  I have a glaze that I want to love. I do. I put it on bowls, mugs, jewelry and it just… hasn’t worked for me. The green isn’t “pretty” enough for food and it has brown flecks that, although interesting, also didn’t appeal to me on foodware or resting against a wearer’s neck.

I am overjoyed to find it a home – it definitely was made to be on these buttons, brown and green blooming on the blue.

This brown beauty with a lace embossing is on its way special delivery to a very loving button jar on the prairies:

Even though the snow is still flying, I can’t wait to get into the studio and continue on my “spring” theme.


– Cara