It has been three long months since I’ve posted. An autumn of birthday celebrations and a chilly spell brought us to a near halt on the production side and I’ve neglected to post all the new little things we’re working on.

New to us is a fabulous furnace in the studio so the chilly spells will no longer stop us! Instead of hauling supplies into the basement and taking a hiatus for the winter, I can continue on through the winter months.

We did a glaze firing on Sunday to do some glaze testing and it was… not quite a disaster, but definitely less than happy. My new brown and red glazes were fabulous however I underfired, not even reaching cone 5 so my blues and greens will need a refire. On top of that, the jewelry setup fell over so many of the pendants kissed each other and there’s a small scrape on the side of a koi mug. It was disappointing but with the jewelry setup nestled among two mugs and three bowls, it could have been so much worse!

This beauty is the first thing I saw when I opened the kiln, and it softened any disappointment as I emptied the rest of the kiln:

And with that, I can’t wait to get home to photograph the koi pieces that made it through to post and share.

Viva la furnace!