This way be madness.

Tonight I spent some time channeling my inner pointillist, using an untested underglaze mix to dot dot dot in hopes of eventually achieving a pale grey pattern on the white clay body. I realize it’s madness to do all this work for what may be a complete flop… but I have to try. If it works, it will be lovely!

I’ve also spent some time in the past few days reading Gary Jackson’s Fire When Ready website. His stamping technique is so inspiring. While the kids finished their coil pots in our first “Neighbourhood Clay Sunday”, I worked on making stamps. I normally prefer to carve patterns out of plaster ala Kristen Keiffer but I don’t have any plaster nearby and my supply of stamps is down to 4! So, I created about 10 double ended stamps and the kids jumped in to help too. I’m eager to try out some stamping, something I’ve never done other than on my mug handles at the bottom join.

My back is sore, eyes burning and hands cramping after all that dotting. I am so hopeful for the results – but that will have to wait untilĀ  our next bisque fire in July.