I was able to open the kiln completely at 7am the day after glaze firing. The pots were still very warm but I could pick them up with my bare hand without problem. The firing was textbook! All three cones gradually bending. Jay did an amazing job watching this baby. He did have help from the kiln sitter that shut off the kiln as he was on the phone with me, contemplating turning her off. This kiln doesn’t cease to amaze me.

I love the Mayco Cinnabar┬áred. It’s absolutely PERFECT:

beautiful cone 6 red

beautiful cone 6 red

The Midnight Rain? Not so much. I’m going to try to strain out the brown crystals because they do not appeal to me at all:


I am now on the hunt for paler blues and greens since, as I look around my home and see my favourite past work, the ones I’ve kept and continue to love tend to fit into this palette. ColourLovers is a continuing inspiration as I try to be true to my aesthetic.


I’ll buy the next bit of glaze until I’m comfortable enough, then possibly delve into Ravenscrag mixing of my own glazes. I’ll give that a year – what do you think?

Until next time…